Default Router Admin Login is also the default router gateway address of many routers. This router gateway is an IPv4 network address to log in to the router control panel. it is used to set up the WiFi name and password.

Login to

In order to get to the control panel and settings of your router follow the steps to log in.

  • Enter into your browser’s URL address bar.
  • An admin login panel will open just fill your default username and password.
  • Once you login to admin panel you can change router setting such as WiFi name, WiFi password, DNS, etc.

Having login issues to

If you have any issue connecting to check it again that you have typed it correctly. Check that you have not typed it as or 192.168.0.I. If you want to find your default router IP address you can ask you router manufacturer or you can check our list of IP addresses of different manufacturers. If you are sure the gateway IP address is and it doesn’t work, make sure you don’t any antivirus program running in the background and you have turned off the firewall if any.

How to change the router password?

If you want to change the router password log in to the router control panel by entering the default gateway address in the web browser URL bar. Enter the username and password to get in. Go to the administrative tab, Click on ‘Change password’. Type the new password twice on the interface to change the password. This is your new password. If you are logging for the first time and don’t have username and password you need to have a default username and password for your router. You can check it with your Router manufacturer or search on our list or you can also search online.