is one of the default router IP addresses, the broadband routers have for accessing router panel. Admin panel enables you to change router configurations. As is also an IPv4 network address, It needs to be accessed from the local network only. If is assigned to the router then is the first IP address which is generally assigned to the devices connected to the router.

How to login to IP Address

In order to configure the router, for example, setting WiFi and changing the router password you need to login to the router panel. Just type in your browser URL address bar and hit enter. A login window will pop up and will ask for username and password. If you don’t know your credentials then check with your router manufacturer’s default username and password. 

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Thus is a gateway to login to the router admin panel to change the settings. Routers are configured to connect the devices on the local network to the Internet.

How can I find my password?

The default password for can be found with the router manufacturer. Router companies set these default passwords for their router once they sold it to you. In some routers, you can find it written on the back of the router. If you ever changed it and want to reset it to default just press the reset button on the back of the router. It will reset the modem and you can use the default password again.